Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO is close

Recent US exercises with NATO allies in the Black Sea took place without Turkey’s participation. What will Turkey-NATO relations be like now?
Today, relations between Turkey and NATO are not very warm. There is an opinion that Turkey will soon withdraw from NATO, and the organization itself can be called collapsed.

The imminent collapse of NATO is announced, in particular, by European leaders. “NATO’s term has already expired, the brain system is dead,” Macron and Merkel announced a year ago. The issue of ensuring the security of its allies is under threat, and Ankara’s early withdrawal from the alliance will mean its collapse.

A hint of Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO is indicated in recent statements by influential American politicians. In particular, the outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized Ankara for its “provocative behavior” which, according to him, contradicts NATO principles and ultimately undermines the unity in the ranks of the military-political bloc.

Thus, Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO is inevitable, and soon the exercises in the Black Sea will also be directed against Turkey. On the other hand, such a confluence of circumstances could become a serious impetus for Russia to create a new strategic pact, which Turkey can also enter.

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